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      She greeted him with the quiet nonchalance which we favor nowadays, the quietude and repose which must be observed though our hearts are breaking: and not until they had taken[152] two or three turns round the room did she speak; then she said:Is it so hard, so difficult? she murmured, with a thrill of gratification. Forgive me, Trafford! You can not know, understand, what I feel, what I suffer! Yes, I advised you, I helped you. Butbut all the same, II am a woman, and, ah! do not forget thatthat I love you! Can I help envying her the wealth that gives you to her? Dont expect too much of me!

      It seemed to him like dancing with a young school-girl, perfectly frank, and almost boyish. Somehow, he found, rather to his surprise, that he was enjoying it. When the music ceased she drew a little breath of enjoyment.Doctor Remy raised his eyes, and met the meaning glance of his colleague. "You suspect" he began slowly, and then paused, as if not quite willing to put his thought into words.

      Send for one of the women, he said.

      [Pg 182]

      Yes; and in a quarter of an hour he will be in his place in the House, and storming like a fury.


      You would not find many persons to agree with you, he said.


      "Next carriage, Mrs. Brune Prideaux," roared the constable. "Mrs. Prideaux' carriage stops all the way."


      How they must wish that they were here, she said, musingly."OF THE WEAK MY HEART IS WEAKEST."