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      * Mmoire de 1736 (printed by the Historical Society ofI do, Glaucus whispered, as though afraid of being heard by invisible ears.

      Their life was regulated with a conventual strictness. At four in the morning, a bell roused them from the sheets of bark on which they slept. Masses, private devotions, reading religious books, and breakfasting, filled the time until eight, when they opened their door and admitted the Indians. As many of these proved intolerable nuisances, they took what Lalemant calls the honnte liberty of turning out the most intrusive and impracticable,an 131 act performed with all tact and courtesy, and rarely taken in dudgeon. Having thus winnowed their company, they catechized those that remained, as opportunity offered. In the intervals, the guests squatted by the fire and smoked their pipes.

      Hipyllos listened in delight. Every word uttered by the young girls lips echoed with a silvery cadence upon the silence of the night.


      In another case, an Indian girl was carrying on her back a sick child, two months old. Two Jesuits approached, and while one of them amused the girl with his rosary, "l'autre le baptise lestement; le pauure petit n'attendoit que ceste faueur du Ciel pour s'y enuoler."It is unnecessary to specify the authorities for the introductory and subordinate portions of the narrative.

      "Mais il fallut, tous tant que nous estions, quitter cette ancienne demeure de saincte Marie; ces edifices, qui quoy que pauures, paroissoient des chefs-d'?uure de l'art aux yeux de nos pauures Sauuages; ces terres cultiues, qui nous promettoient vne riche moisson. Il nous fallut abandonner ce lieu, que ie puis appeller nostre seconde Patrie et nos delices innocentes, puis qu'il auoit est le berceau de ce Christianisme, qu'il estoit le temple de Dieu et la maison des seruiteurs de Iesus-Christ; et crainte que nos ennemis trop impies, ne profanassent ce lieu de sainctet et n'en prissent leur auantage, nous y mismes le feu nous mesmes, et nous vismes brusler nos yeux, en moins d'vne heure, nos trauaux de neuf et de dix ans."Ragueneau, Relation des Hurons, 1650, 2, 3.

      "Iean de Brebevf.




      He pressed her to his breast, and ere she could prevent it he had snatched a kiss.[41] Marquette is said to have been present; but the official act just cited, proves the contrary. He was still at St. Esprit.


      orders the imprisonment of heretics who refuse to abjure, orBesides these mock Indians, a crowd of genuine savages had gathered at Quebec to greet the new Ononthio. On the next dayat his own cost, as he writes to a friendhe gave them a feast, consisting of seven large kettles full of Indian corn, peas, prunes, sturgeons, eels, and fat, which they devoured, having first sung me a song, after their fashion. **